Parallel Tasks priority

Need help with parallel tasks. I need to make it take NO as a priority in case one of the actors says no. Prevent the instance from getting stuck.


you could send a signal to complete all open parallel tasks on a no. Here is an example from one of our applications:

Here is a small Groovy example to send signals:

import org.flowable.engine.ProcessEngines

def runtimeService = ProcessEngines.getDefaultProcessEngine().getRuntimeService();

//Ermitteln der wartenden Execution des Auftragsprozesses
def executions = runtimeService.createExecutionQuery()
def variabeln = [
    'hallo' : 'Welt',
    'Java' : 'Duke'

//Benachrichtigung an den Auftragprozess
executions.each { execution -> 
    log.debug("Execution ${execution.getId()}")
    runtimeService.signalEventReceived('InputB-Signal', execution.getId(), variabeln) 


Hello, sorry for the delay.

In the case of parallel, should the signal be connected directly to the first gateway or should it go directly to the second gateway.

In the signal menu it is not clear to me what should I configure.

I really appreciate your time.