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I think YARG lacks a page footer band, a feature that is necesarry, which other reporting tools have.
There are workarounds, like using Header&Footer in Excel template but there are Excel limitations : you can include only plain text and some variables - recently CUBA team included the ability to add variables in the header/footer, but a page footer band would be a better option for both xlsx or docx templates.

A real example: an invoice with receipt, displayed on the same page - the receipt should be printed only on the bottom of the page. There is another workaround for this: adding an arbitrary number of empty rows after the invoice ends so that the receipt will be displayed on page bottom, but this is not a nice solution :).

Hi Tudor,

We have created a YouTrack issue.
Thank you for the idea.

Thank you too Andrey. In this topic I mentioned only footer, but it is the same for the header.
Later I found out that using html template with flying saucer, it is possible to reproduce repeatable header & footer. But it would be very nice with xlsx or docx too.

:ticket: See the following issue in our bug tracker:

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I also think that header and footer would be a very useful feature in - already feature-rich - YARG.

I tried to lookt at the youtrack link above and it is dead.

Is there some continuation on this topic ?