Overwrite filter component search button


I have a GroupDatasource to display the data of my entity, in the entity it has a Transient property and I assign a value manually and then update the GroupDatasource, so far everything is correct. But when I use the screen filter component, the Transient property is logically lost.

How can I override the Search button action of the filter component (or a listener that is called after the filter is applied)? So, after the filter is applied I can reassign a value for the Transient property.

I found this topic filter search button - CUBA.Platform but I did not understand how I can do it.

Thank you.


One way I was able to get the data from the filtered datasource was to use a listener from the datasource itself and check the status of the e.getOperation() method, I’m not sure if it’s the best way but it solved the problem for me.

myDs.addCollectionChangeListener (e -> {
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