Override multitenancy query or disable it for the filter component

Hi, we would like to have a bunch of pre-defined global filters for all users in our multitenancy system.

We found that when we select the “Available for all users” checkbox on a particular filter details, I can see the filter saves properly in the SEC_FILTER table with a NULL value for SYS_TENANT_ID.

When we login under with a user from a different tenant, the filter will not display in the filters list.

The wonderful multitenancy add-on automagically adds the where SYS_TENANT_ID clause to the query by default. In most cases this is awesome and works perfectly.

In this one unique case it is working against our desires. While we can create duplicate filters for every tenant, this is going to quickly become unmaintainable.

We’ve tried a bunch of ways to get around this plugin, such as creating a custom role that grants permissions to all of the filter records, etc, but none of them are giving us the results we are expecting.

In an ideal world, we’d either like to disable the multitenancy addon for the SEC_FILTER table, or if that’s not possible, add an “OR SYS_TENANT_ID is null” to all the queries in the Filter component.

We are using platform 7.2.12 with multitenancy version 2.0.2

Has anyone experienced this or have any suggestions.

Thanks in advance.