Override basic function?


I have a basic Customer edit screen. And it has a many to one relation to orders. And when user clicks the " … " button, and the Orders browser screen appears then I need the Orders browser to show only a specified row, which I have created into Order.
How can I do this? Can I somehow override that " … " button?



What is the practical sense of displaying a single row in the list view?
What can the user do with this row further?

The browse screen is to must possible the user to select from the list of values.

For filtering values in the browse screen use setLookupScreenParams() in lookup action of pickerfield

" … " button is actually a LookupAction. And you can get it from field and set its parameters as follows:

    private LookupPickerField myField;

    public void init(Map<String, Object> params) {
        myField.getLookupAction().setLookupScreenParams(ParamsMap.of("myparam", "myvalue"));

Thank you guys for the answer.

Konstantin, this field is in a fieldGroup, which generated by the cuba studio. All the screen is generated by the studio. So how can I change this field’s actions?

Add an “id” tag for the field in fieldgroup and use it in @Named