'order by' clause in collectiondatasource

Hi, I discover that there is an issue in the last Cuba Platform release (platform-6.8.6), when you specify a ‘order by’ in a datasource JPQL query.

In my browse screen I wrote a query like this:

select e from gestrapp$TRapp e order by e.data desc

to list all records from the new inserted to the old (data is a date field).
With this query only 37 record are listed.
If I remove the ‘desc’ operator 49 record.
If I remove the ‘order’ clause all 1500 records are displayed (paged by 50 rows).

In previous platform release it worked properly (I didn’t rember which… 6.6??)

Thank you

I discover what the problem is.
In the browse screen I have view where a related table has a fetch type of “JOIN” instead of “” (undefined).
For some reasons with this setting the sort does not work properly.

Thanks anyway


Could you provide sample project?