Oracle ojdbc6.jar

When configuring Data Store properties for using with Oracle database there is suggestion to download JDBC driver from Oracle website (due to Oracle license policy). The suggestion is to download jar named “ojdbc6.jar”.

But there are newer versions of JDBC drivers (such as “ojdbc7.jar” certified for using with JDK 8 and others) also available for download.

When you download such newer version and specify path to it in filepicker of properties window, plugin copies the downloaded driver AND RENAME IT to “ojdbc6.jar”.

In my humble opinion such renaming of original “ojdbc7.jar” to “ojdbc6.jar” could be confusing.

Also it is rather common dependency on additional “orai18n.jar” for international (cyrillic) apps. Maybe use filepicker to specify path to this jar also?

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Thank you for your suggestions. This makes sense.
I’ve created a ticket:

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