Oracle jdbc driver from maven

Noticed that unlike other databases, oracle JDBC driver is not downloaded and placed in the right place by Studio itself and the reason explained in the Studio that makes sense. However, I noticed today that the driver can be downloaded from Meven repository (not a regular user). Is this something new or it is still related to distribution restriction by Oracle that I am not sure but thought to notify you if it helps.

Hi Mortoza,

Thank you for the information!

That’s a good news, so we’ll modify the project template for Oracle. Unfortunately, we still cannot distribute the driver with Studio, so the usage will be like with MySQL driver: you will have to download the driver and put it to Studio installation directory. And your project will download the driver from Maven automatically.

That will be very good. Would you have chance to do that in v 6.4 in Jan 2017?


oracle in the beginning of 2016 started to create a maven repo where the driver can be downloaded (see corresponding blog post). However the user has to have an oracle account in order to use it and with this implicitly agreeing on the oracle OTN License Agreement. Additionally distribution of the code is not allowed, meaning that in case you ship your software, the end users have to download it manually (as Konstantin said).

More information about this topic can be found here:

So when looking at this, since in most public maven repositories it’s probably illegal. Only when using the official oracle maven repo and using the individual credentials it seems to work. I unfortunately don’t see any improvements in the situation - and there probably will no improvement as long as oracle has the open source mindset it seems to have currently…



Thank you for the clarification. You are right, we should keep the process of adding the Oracle driver as it is.

:ticket: See the following issue in our bug tracker: