Oracle DB in Ubuntu - CUBA Studio SE 6.8

I’m using CUBA Studio SE 6.8 in UBUNTU. Trying to use the oracle database, but couldn’t figure out how.

CUBA Studio tells me below.

Download ojdbc6.jar from - DONE

Run Deploy from the main menu, then copy ojdbc6.jar into {your_project}/deploy/tomcat/lib directory. - DONE
Copy ojdbc6.jar into ${user.home}/.haulmont/studio/lib directory. - COULDN’T FIGURE OUT THIS PATH, I CANNOT FIND THIS PATH in user Home DIR

Stop Studio server (press Exit button).
Kill Gradle daemon by running gradle --stop, or killing its process in task manager, or restarting the operating system.
Launch Studio server again.

Probably you may need to show hidden files? Go to the top menu -->View->Show hidden files. Or by pressing Ctrl + H.

Thank you very much! It helped.

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