Options to facilitate the work to the end user

From what I’ve worked so far, all behavior for entering records in CUBA is based on creating a log window is closed and repeat the process again, this is not difficult when it is a single record, but when the user many records must enter the process becomes a bit cumbersome. They have not thought is to leave this option to the end user, which is the one who decides if you enter one or many records?

I also find it interesting that the user can navigate through the records without prior need to close the window and log in again, some buttons that allow go to the first, previous, next or last record.

They are only ideas that would facilitate the daily life and work to the end users.

Nelson F.

Hi Nelson,
I think we have already discussed it on this topic and decided that it can be implemented with some coding in the controller. Do you mean it should be included in the standard screen generation by Studio?

Exactly, that is part of the standard generation

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I think the same as Nelson :wink:

In one of future versions, we are going to add ability to choose templates when creating standard screens. So an editor with the navigation between records can be one of templates.
Thanks for the hint!

:ticket: See the following issue in our bug tracker: