Option to hide graph y-axis values

I have implemented this graph. on the Y-Axis the value is “date”. and it doesn’t fit into the webpage.
Is there any option to adjust these values or to hide the y-axis values? Please check the image below.

Screen Shot 2020-11-19 at 11.24.33


it seems the chart does not recognize values as dates. May be field value is not a date type. Try this attribute for the categoryAxis:

<chart:categoryAxis parseDates="true"/>

Also, take a look at the line-chart example in the Sampler app.

Okay! I understand the provided solution. Thanks :innocent:
Just one more question out of the curiosity, is there any setting to hide the values on the y-axis?

This attribute should help:

    <chart:axis labelsEnabled="false"/>

AmCharts documentation: labelsEnabled.

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It worked! Thankyou so much !!