OpenShift - one click

Openshift’s starter account of red hat looks very good in the sense of validity and resource. It doesn’t expire unlike other providers e.g. Jelastic.

The deployment process looks to be not easy, though one of the forum users has shared his experience deploying Cuba app in OpenShift.
Therefore, it will be useful if we have similar option for deployment in openshift from the studio.
Is there any plan to simply/automate implementation from CUBA studio to OpenShift?

No plans for one-click deployment at the moment.
We are now focusing on simplifying build process, e.g. creating single uber-JAR executables, so the deployment to any cloud provider would be straightforward.

Thanks Konstantin, sounds good. If you please also include the methodology to setup + deployment in the developer manual on few clouds that will be great, e.g. Jelastic, OpenShift, …