openness of dependencies

I appreciate that CUBA Platform is now open source, and I am starting an evaluation. A concern that came up for me is that there are some dependencies that have .cuba. in the name, suggesting that Haulmont is maintaining a fork of the project, and I can’t find the source repositories of these.

  • eclipselink-2.6.1.cuba7.jar
  • poi-3.12.cuba.1.jar
  • popupbutton-2.5.2.cuba.3.jar
  • vaadin-server-7.6.3.cuba.0.jar
  • vaadin-client-7.6.3.cuba.0.jar
If you are committed to CUBA as open source, please publish your customized dependency code.


You are right, the platform uses some customized open-source libraries. Their sources and binaries are currently available to the public only as dependencies during the build process.
It is our shortcoming and we are going to publish them in some source repositories in the near future.

I did not realize the source JARs were in the repository. I see them now. Thank you for the pointer.

Hi Ken,
We have published modified libraries on GitHub.
Please see

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