Open window with calendar component


I create window which include calendar component. This component is related toCollectionDatasource, but when I open window task from datasource not load to celandar. Have I to invoke special method at the
start window ?


Could you please provide mode details:

  1. Platform version
  2. Screen XML and Controller
  3. How do you open the screen (from main menu or programmatically)


  1. platform-6.10-SNAPSHOT’

  2. I attach controler and xml (1005 Bytes)Kalendarz.xml (2.8 KB)

  3. From main menu.

You don’t need to invoke any specific method, the data is loaded automatically.

I can see that you defined startDate and endDate attributes. so please check that there are events in this range.

Also, you defined the firstVisibleDayOfWeek attribute. I suppose that you try to change the first day of week (e.g. SUNDAY or MONDAY), but this property is intended to change the first visible day of week, i.e. by setting 7 you see only last day of week and that can be the reason you don’t see other events.

If you want to change the first day of week, please take a look at this topic.

Ok I try set firstVisibleDayOfWeek to zero and check event range.