Open Different Browser


I have 3 entities Called Locomotive , Rolling Stock and Order and 4 Screens… 1 editor, 2 browsers ( with the ids locomotive$browser1 and locomotive$browser2 respectively) and 1 custom screen. On my editor there is a add button using the add action. when the add button is clicked it opens the browser: locomotive$browser1. How do i make my add button open the browser: locomotive$browser2 instead of the browser: locomotive$browser1.



I’m pretty new to CUBA myself but this is how I changed the views shown from an action button. If there is a better way then I would like to know too.

In the Controller of the Screen with the table and actions buttons I have this code. If you change the clientsTable to be the id of your table and the create is probably going to be add if your action is add.

private CreateAction clientsTableCreate;

public void init(Map<String, Object> params) {