Only show entity entries created by a given user


i want to restrict access to a given entity in the way, that is describred in the docs: show only the entries of an entity, where “{E}.createdBy = :session$userLogin”.

When i do this, when opening the correspoinding lookup view there is an error: “IllegalStateException: Unable to set query string: query is already created” (attached you’ll find the stacktrace).

When doing a constraint like this: “createdBy = ‘admin’” everything works as expected (without the dyamics of the feature of course).

Does anyone have a glue whats going on?

stacktrace.txt (7.2K)

Hi Mario,

This is a bug introduced in version 5.5.0, and it is already fixed.
Please upgrade your project to 5.5.1 - just edit the project properties and choose the new version in Base projects > Platform version


that was easy - thank you! :slight_smile:

works like a charme…