One-to-one relationships not traversible in report designer

I started designing some docx templates.

For entity datasets, In choosing the properties to be part of a band, it seems many-to-one relations are taken into account, but one-to-one are not. They are simply not shown in the attribute chooser.

One-to-One should be covered in the same fashion as many-to-one.


What platform version do you use? Unfortunately, we cannot reproduce the issue, one-to-one composition and association are both available from the report band and attribute chooser. If possible, could you please provide a sample project where the problem can be reproduced.

while trying to make an example I found out it’s not the type of relation but the depth in the tree.

I made a chain of classes, all one-to-one composition
A - B - C - D

When designing a report for A, I’m not able to navigate from C to D. the maximum depth is 2.

In my datamodel however, I have more than 2 levels.
let’s say
Invoice * - 1 invoiceItem 1 - 1 ItemCategory 1 - 1 itemCategoryDetails 1 - 1 Someotherentity(eg. vat is aved therre)

I want to be able to traverse the tree up to the last entity. I would expect to be able to traverse the whole chain as long as the relations are either N-1 or 1-1

How do I approach this?

The depth of nesting by default is 3. You can override this number using the reporting.entityTreeModelMaxDepth app property in the core module:

reporting.entityTreeModelMaxDepth = 4

Thus, all A - B - C - D tree will be available.