One datasource for two GroupTable components


I have ediwindow which contain two groupTable components.
I need to have one datasource for this, but I’d like to have additionally independently data filter for each one.
Is there any way for realize this filters in java code ?

Juast create a second datasource and assign it to the other groupTable.

I know, but in my case I done complicated calculation on data,
which influence on data presentation in this groupTable components.
If I have two independent datasources I have to manage then.
Additionally when I close editWindow I’d like to save item form datasource. Both groupTables display data form the same entity.

You can define filters before tables are populated or at init(). Then, both tables will be populated only with records matching his filter. Calculations will be performed only for filtered records. Because I presume DS will not share records. But you can share calculations/presentations, calling it from each changelistener at init().


Is there any mechanism in cuba for data filter which I may to use in java code ?