Offical Studio Docker image on Dockerhub

Hi there,

i was just thinking the other day if it would be possible to get a version of cuba studio as a pre-packed docker image from you.
First i thought of writing a blog post about how to do it yourself, but i stumbled over two problems:

  1. Java FX is not available in OpenJDK which is the basis for the default java docker image
  2. The license agreement has to be accepted before downloading
The first problem was solved by Max in this [url=]topic[/url]. So what i wanted to achieve with the blog post is to create a docker image with docker build and pack studio into it. After that i wanted to push it to Dockerhub so that people could download & run it right away. The problem with this appraoch: All these people would not accept your studio license agreements. So this not to work out very well. But leaving out the part where people can download & run studio right away in the blog post doesn't make that much sense because i don't think that every user of studio first wants to create Dockerfiles and do a docker build on their own...

My suggestion for this problem would be the following: Why don’t you shift the “i accept the license agreements checkbox” from the download page to the tomcat? So that after downloading the binary or the docker image (without accepting it) the first thing that has to be done when the tomcat comes up is to accept the terms within studio?

This would enable direct distribution via Dockerhub and much more use cases compared to creating your own docker image of studio where you have to know about Dockerfiles and the specific Docker terminology. Additionally you would drastically decrease the likelihood that anyone would create a studio docker image itself and push it to Dockerhub (like when following my imaginary blog post :slight_smile: ) and you have no control over the acceptance of the license tems anymore (besides that they obviously unauthorized use the software and you could nail them if you would catch them :D).

So, what do you think about that idea?


just to bump this up: since the dependency seems to be removed to JavaFX as well as the license agreement has to be accepted on first launch of studio - there is no reason not to distribute it via dockerhub, right? Would that be possible?


Thanks for the reminder, we will do it.