Odd table behaviour

I seem to have a bug with one of my entities when trying to render it in tables.

It has an embedded ID.

It has about 60x columns.

Whenever I display the table I get less than the number of rows showing than it says are displayed. e.g. the table will say it has fetched say 27x rows but only displays a portion of them. If I set the “Show Rows” to say 100x rows it may only show 60x of them.

There are no errors or nothing to indicate why this is occuring.
Also, the table actually adds scrolls because it thinks there are lots more rows than it is displaying.

Furthermore, if I click export to excel I get a complete list of all the rows that should be there. Also seem to get the complete dataset if I swap the table out for a datagrid. But the datagrid is horrendously slow to load. (>15 seconds)

Not sure how to resolve this.

Could you provide the entity class, the id class and the query of the data loader? You may of course approximate - we just need to know the structure (data types, references to other entities, etc.).
Then we’ll try to reproduce the issue on a test data.

Hi @daryn,

It is hard to identify the problem without more context (see @knstvk request), but I’ll try to guess. Have you correctly implemented equals and hashCode methods in your embedded ID class?


I have decided to move away from embedded entities to setting unique constraints on the tables instead.
Has fixed the problems I was having so no need to continue on this post.