Not allowed to create LDAP user without pass

Hello Cubа team,

I am using Cuba version 6.8.3 and I am trying to create the first LDAP user, but the user interface does not allow me to create a user without a password. The same scenario works with Cuba version 6.7.3

Although I follow the documentation, I obviously misunderstand something.
In the folders

I have put the necessary properties:

cuba.web.ldap.enabled = true
cuba.web.ldap.urls = ldap: //
cuba.web.ldap.base = dc = company, dc = com
cuba.web.ldap.user = user name
cuba.web.ldap.password = pass
cuba.web.standardAuthenticationUsers = admin

Is the problem is in these properties or there is something else I miss?
Do I have to customise the LdapLoginProvider or something else?

Thanks a lot!


Use cuba.web.requirePasswordForNewUsers application property in (or /deploy/tomcat/conf/app/

cuba.web.requirePasswordForNewUsers = false

It is introduced since 6.8 and it seems that I’ve missed it in the Release notes.

Thank you. It works!