Not able to setTemplateContents for HtmlBoxLayout within a screen's AfterCloseListener

I am trying to change the template contents of a HtmlBoxLayout component after a screen closes by using the following code:

                PatientSubFormBrowse screen = screenBuilders.screen(this)
                        .withAfterCloseListener(event -> {



but nothing happens. It is not working.

Is there a bug ? Or am I doing something wrong ?

Hello @robert.gilbert!

Unfortunately, HtmlBoxLayout is not able to update content at runtime. As a workaround, you can remove the old HtmlBoxLayout component and add a new one with updated content. Or you can use a Label component instead of a HtmlBoxLayout component with the following attribute: htmlEnabled=true (see sample).


Thanks Gleb !
Not a problem because that makes sense.
I solved my problem by removing the old component and adding a new one with updated content.

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