non-CRUD/non-RAD programming with Cuba

Cuba Platform is a dream come true for anyone looking for a good RAD tool. The problem with a good RAD tool however would be if it is not flexible enough to allow the programmer to do more. I’m still exploring and getting to know the platform and so far I have this one question:

I often create a Soccer League Table Manager App when trying to learn a new language or evaluate a new tool. I created two entities in Cuba: Club and Fixture (with fields team1, team2, score1, score2) and I have generated the standard screens. My user can add clubs to the database using the standard edit screen. The user can also update create fixtures and update scores using the standard edit screen. I would like to give the user the option to generate all fixtures automatically. Example if there are four teams (man utd, man city, chelsea, arsenal), the user can click on a button and the app will create these entries using the Fixture entity:
man utd, man city
man utd, chelsea
man utd, arsenal
man city, chelsea
man city, arsenal

and the last entry will be :
chelsea, arsenal

How can I implement this in Cuba? I would need some sort of scripting functionality that is more flexible than the CRUD approach of Cuba. I need to use “Services” perhaps?

Surely with CUBA you can do much more than standard CRUD screens generated by Studio - if you don’t mind programming of course.
Take a look at the sample projects available on the Samples tab of the Studio start screen. Probably the data-manipulation sample can directly answer your question.

Thanks…I was able to do exactly what I wanted using that sample.