No vertical scrollbars


I’ve created a very simple project (attached) with a generic entity editor which takes up more vertical space than is available in my browser window. However, there are no vertical scroll bars, so the window action buttons are out of view.

I’ve take a little look at the DOM tree (illustration attached) and noticed that inside the element with class “v-tabsheet-tabsheetpanel” (i.e., the panel for the main screen tabs) is a single element with class “v-scrollable” which is sized to fit the available space (so far so good) and which itself contains a single element which, for some reason, is set to style=“height: 100%” - that completely negates the point of putting it in a scrollable element, because it will never be allowed to overflow its parent. If I remove that height style in the DOM editor, the vertical scrollbar appears, as desired.

How can I prevent that element being sized as height: 100%?



Capture (59.2K)


in CUBA you have to wrap your content to a ScrollBoxLayout to show scrollbars:

Currently we do not use automatically scrollable TabSheet and SplitPanel, I think we will try to support it in the future.

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