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Buenas disculpen si no es el tema indicado, me gustaria saber porque soy nuevo y quiero programar, descargue la plataforma y la instale, no tengo internet en la pc y cuando lo abro ademas de darme algun error el cual no se cual es, no me muestra pantalla de diseño por lo que me es un poco complicado para aprender pues en la vista diseño puedo agregar los componentes que tampoco salen en una barra para agregarlos y luego en la parte de codigo poder usarlos mejor. Leí que la plataforma tiene vista diseño y demas en la version empresarial, no se ni como descargo la version empresarial ni si hay que pagar por ella. En espera de su respuesta. Disculpen las molestias, gracias

Good excuse me if it is not the indicated topic, I would like to know why I am new and I want to program, download the platform and install it, I do not have internet on the PC and when I open it in addition to giving me some error which I do not know what it is, I do not It shows a design screen so it is a bit difficult for me to learn because in the design view I can add the components that do not appear in a bar to add them and then in the code part I can use them better. I read that the platform has design view and others in the business version, I do not know how I download the business version or if you have to pay for it. Waiting for your answer. Sorry for the inconvenience, thanks

It would be better if you post this problem under another topic.
If you don’t have internet connection in your PC will get some errors because platform updates information through Cuba repositories servers.
When you install Cuba-Studio with internet connection it offers you the possibility to use a 30 days trial version.


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If you need to work offline then you need to assemble the project once when online and then switch Gradle tool to Offline mode in Studio: CUBA Studio User Guide



Recentry we have developed CUBA SDK tool which can help you to develop applications in offline environment. CUBA SDK is a command-line tool that provides an ability to resolve, export and upload to external repository all dependencies for CUBA framework, add-ons or any external library with few simple commands. SDK can be used as an embedded repository.

Please find more details about tool usage and installation instructions on GitHub page GitHub - cuba-platform/cuba-sdk: Software development kit for CUBA Platform

Feel free to ask questions about CUBA SDK commands and usage.