No container can run this application | Buildpack Cloud Foundry Error

Hi community,

I am new in Cloud Foundry and I am trying to push a simple application (deployed application in tomcat-folder) to cloud. When I do so, I get this error:

No container can run this application. Please ensure that you’ve pushed a valid JVM artifact or artifacts using the -p command line argument or path manifest entry. Information about valid JVM artifacts can be found at GitHub - cloudfoundry/java-buildpack: Cloud Foundry buildpack for running Java applications.

Does anybody have a hint for me?



i wrote an article quite some time ago about how to publish a CUBA app to Cloud Foundry. You might want to take a look at it:


Hi Mario,

thank you for this very good link.
In my cloud, I have a UI and have to choose the buildpack or auto-detect it.
When I upload the war file, of the cuba-application, which were created like described in 3. but in UI, without command in console.

I get this exception:

None of the buildpacks detected a compatible application

Is it right, to deploy just the war.file?

And do you have any hint, how to solve the buildpack problem?

Kind regards

I have another problem :frowning:

I have already a database in cloud and want to deploy the cuba-application.
When I write for example: “cf marketplace”, I see no offers. But in fact, I have a database in cloud. Is there a way how to “integrate” this database in my application?

Because on cli it will show me, that I have no services, but in fact I had create an database before in cloud.

Thank you

EDIT: I just change the property values like host, port to the instance of my cloud database in build.gridle to try, if it works…is this right? And when I do so, I get the error below.

I have this error now:

Downloading hwc_buildpack...
Downloading staticfile_buildpack...
Downloading dotnet_core_buildpack...
Downloading python_buildpack...
Downloading nodejs_buildpack...
Downloaded hwc_buildpack
Downloading go_buildpack...
Downloaded python_buildpack
Downloading java_buildpack...
Downloaded staticfile_buildpack
Downloaded dotnet_core_buildpack
Downloaded nodejs_buildpack
Downloading app package...
Downloading php_buildpack...
Downloading binary_buildpack...
Downloading ruby_buildpack...
Downloaded go_buildpack
Downloaded php_buildpack
Downloaded java_buildpack
Downloaded binary_buildpack
Downloaded ruby_buildpack
Creating container
Successfully created container
Downloaded app package (60.7M)
-----> Java Buildpack v4.7 (offline) |
-----> Downloading Jvmkill Agent 1.11.0_RELEASE from (found in cache)
-----> Downloading Open Jdk JRE 1.8.0_152 from (found in cache)
       Expanding Open Jdk JRE to .java-buildpack/open_jdk_jre (1.2s)
-----> Downloading Open JDK Like Memory Calculator 3.10.0_RELEASE from (found in cache)
       Loaded Classes: 23232, Threads: 300
-----> Downloading Client Certificate Mapper 1.3.0_RELEASE from (found in cache)
-----> Downloading Container Security Provider 1.10.0_RELEASE from (found in cache)
-----> Downloading Spring Auto Reconfiguration 2.2.0_RELEASE from (found in cache)
-----> Downloading Tomcat Instance 8.5.24 from (found in cache)
       Expanding Tomcat Instance to .java-buildpack/tomcat (0.1s)
-----> Downloading Tomcat Access Logging Support 3.1.0_RELEASE from (found in cache)
-----> Downloading Tomcat Lifecycle Support 3.1.0_RELEASE from (found in cache)
-----> Downloading Tomcat Logging Support 3.1.0_RELEASE from (found in cache)
Uploading droplet, build artifacts cache...
Exit status 0
Uploading build artifacts cache...
Uploading droplet...
Uploaded build artifacts cache (132B)
Uploaded droplet (114.4M)
Uploading complete
Stopping instance 9fc5a63e-8670-4b18-835c-b1d8e1d551d0
Destroying container
Successfully destroyed container

0 of 1 instances running, 1 starting
0 of 1 instances running, 1 starting
0 of 1 instances running, 1 crashed
Error restarting application: Start unsuccessful

TIP: use 'cf logs first_usecase --recent' for more information