Nexus proxy repository updates

Good morning! I’m trying to create the infrastructure for my local close network and experience some problems with nexus setup. I follow the manual (actually did it already two years ago, and everything went fine) but now continue getting errors, while connecting to online repository. first of all i thought the problem was that i was trying to use docker, but when i used classic nexus binaries - the result was the same. here are two screenshots of discovery entry for dl.bintray and repo.cuba-platform respectively. I get different unsuccess messages, but as a result it’s still unsuccess… can u, please, help me, where to dig?

You didn’t show how you have set up your cuba-work repo…

As i can see i set it up as it is said in manual with credentials cuba-cuba123


Looks correct except that the Bintray repo doesn’t require credentials.
Have you tried to use the proxy repo in a project or just watched the “discovery” errors in the Nexus UI?

The main reason was that i couldn’t use the repository screenshot so that i decided to check if my nexus settings were correct, and saw this… sync unsuccess…

Note that if you use repository you should also add to repositories.
In my test Nexus, I have got a group of two Proxy Repositories:

If I exclude jcenter, I get a similar “Could not resolve all artifacts…” error.

Regarding cuba-work, it also works for me:

Maybe, the missed artifacts have not been cached yet? Make sure the Nexus is connected to Internet. And assemble the project. If not succeed, wait a couple of minutes and try to assemble the project again. Probably, you will get a chain of several different errors before successful build.


I guess that the problem was not caching artifacts from the beginning. nexus is running on a machine that is connected to internet, and i can ping repositories from the terminal. i’ll check maven central availability later today, that’s a good idea, thank you, also i’ll add a jcenter for bintray and write my results here. Thank you again

thank you, adding helped (didn’t try to make repo.cuba-platform work, maybe it still has issues)