Newbie question on setting up CUBA

Have only recently come across CUBA - looks like a brilliant platform for app development. I’m fairly new to the whole JAVA development environment am trying to set it up to have a play. Running studio 6.5.5 on Mint Linux 18.2. The server seems to start without errors, but when I try to connect via the browser (Firefox) I get the following error:

“Failed to load the widgetset: ./VAADIN/widgetsets/”

I’ve installed CUBA in /opt/studio-6.5.5 and the file

is present.

I’ve tried the installation documentation and internet searches, but haven’t come up with a solution.

Do I need to add something to the path or class path? Any pointers for a relative newbie would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Hi John,

There is a known issue with Studio 6.5.5 on Linux - it must be started from studio/bin folder. So open terminal in /opt/studio-6.5.5/bin and execute ./studio

Let us know if it doesn’t help.

Hi Konstantin,
Problem solved! Thanks for the quick response and the helpful suggestion.

I added a line to the studio script to change directory to /opt/studio-6.5.5/bin and everything seems to be working.

This seems like a very helpful community. Looking forward to playing with CUBA!


Yes, the script is incomplete in this version, this is the cause of the problem.
Good luck with experimenting with CUBA :slight_smile: