New version 7.2.7 - still a bug when using suggestionField?

I tested the new version today, because of this topic:

Maybe I got it wrong,
but our issue is not solved by that.
When start typing a value, the suggestion list pops up…
when keep on typing, so that the top entry would only fit i.e.
the screen looks like this:

The user complaint now several times, that they often do not see the last entry or that they did not click on the right position…

Any chance to get that fixed?



Unfortunately, we cannot reproduce the problem. We will be able to help you if you send us how the SuggestionField is configured in your project. Please, note, that this problem doesn`t relate to SuggestionField and SuggestionPickerField does not show suggestions inside screen fragment which placed inside dialog. · Issue #2970 · cuba-platform/cuba · GitHub because now popup with suggestions displayes.


attached a demo project…
in entity LinkEntity create i.e. 20 rows…
then in TestEntity click on create and then start typing in the linkfield…
you can see, that the pop up list will getting smaller up to the top border…

we use the Helium addOn with font size set to small…

and, on my notebook, the screensize is set to 150% scaling, if that makes a difference (92.8 KB)

Thank you for reporting the problem. We have created an issue, see the link on the right.

Hi @r.walde

The problem you’re facing is a known issue.

The logic for displaying suggestions popup is as follows:

  1. If there is enough space below the field to display the pop-up - it is displayed below

  1. If there is not enough space below the field to display the pop-up - it is displayed above

  1. If there are too many suggestions - popup is displayed starting from screen top

The problem is that once the popup is displayed it doesn’t change its position.

In the test project, the suggestionField has the following settings:


As a result, popup is displayed almost immediately after the user starts typing and too many suggestions appear at first (see 3). After the search string grows and limits suggestions the popup position remains the same. That why the described bug appears.

It’s recommended to make SuggestionField less sensitive, e.g.:



Hi Gleb,

I used 400 and 4,
but it makes not really a difference.
If you type in fast, it works.
If you type in slow, the same issue.
So, the delayMs and length influences the behavior.
But only if the user is typing fast enough :slight_smile:
And, we need length 2 :frowning:


I agree that delay isn’t the complete solution. I’ve created a GitHub issue to improve suggestions popup behavior, but I can’t guarantee that it’s feasible.

Currently, as an option, you can use styles to limit popup height:

.c-suggestionfield-popup {
  max-height: $v-selection-item-height * 5;
  overflow-y: scroll;