New Preact X (v10) - the definitive React alternative?

Hi all
I want to share the latest Preact release with you:

It seems very promising, in the sense that it seems polished enough to become a battle tested alternative to React, with 100% compat…

What do you think? Have you tested it yet?
Until now I’ve only used the official React lib for my CUBA frontends, but why not try something lighter?

If anyone wants to share their experience with Preact X, it’ll be very much appreciated! :wink:

Have a nice day,


Hi Paolo,

Preact is considered as drop-in replacement for React. More lightweight, but not fully compatible. As we use different libs in generated app and runtime we want to stick to compatible and more widespread option which is React.

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@AlexBudarov Yeah, I’m sticking with React too, and for the same reasons you pointed out, some frameworks using it (see Ionic) test only official React and not others.