New Icons not showing a Preview of the Icon


I’ve been adding some FontAwesome 5 Pro icons to CUBA and they are working when I use them but I don’t see any preview of the Icons in the Icon Editor as shown in this image.

How can I get the preview to appear so I know what I’m selecting?



Unfortunately, Studio does not known what icons will be used at runtime. It supports preview only for predefined icons from the platform.

How is a new set of icons added to the platform? if I buy Font Awesome as the addition to be called not in preview if not already running

Nelson F

Hi @artamonov

Thanks for the information. At least I know I wasn’t missing anything.


I followed this to start adding the FontAwesome 5 Pro icons.

I’ve only just got it setup. Now that I have I’m going to add the rest of the icons. I can post it when done but might be another week until I get to it.


Try this out now I’ve done it.

thx @JohnM for the contribution.