New Components in 6.4.0RC


I was hoping to find a “CurrencyField” as a new component in 6.4RC as announced in the forums some time ago.
I also can’t find new Vaadin DataGrid.

Will these components be present in the final version?


dataGrid work is in progress and can be used through xml at the moment. see in the Gitter answered by Gleb Gorelov @glebfox

Hi Mortoza

Thanks, i’ll try to find the comment in Gitter.


CurrencyField will not be included to 6.4 and now is scheduled for Release 6.5. See

Ok Yuriy I understand.

I was hoping to have it in 6.4, really need that
I’ll start masking the fields in FieldGroups and edit fields as already described in these forums.

Congratulations on the new version.
Is there a Polymer Client sample already? Really looking forward for one.

Hi Pedro,

The example here offers an approach to create something like CurrencyField.

And we are going to provide some samples with Polymer client module right after the final release. However, you can try to scaffold some Polymer components by your data model right now on 6.4.RC.

Hi Konstantin,
I have couple of comments/questions:
Currency Datatype: will this work when we implement Locales where currency formatting is different in different language even this sample do not have such complexity but later when we will have this in v6.5?

Year data type: I tried to used, noticed that the methods are deprecated as attached (using 6.4RC).

yeardata type

Hi Konstantin

Your solution works perfectly, in fact it’s more or less what I was needing the CurrencyField for.
Just curious, the datatypes.xml is some kind of override? It was not present in my project before and it’s needed to make the new datatypes work.
More, it makes defaults for the standard datatypes, witch I find very interesting, but they are not applied. For instance I just copied your datatypes.xml and the Date type has a format=“yyyy-MM-dd” but I still see dates in my local format “dd/MM/yyyy”.

Many thanks

Hi Mortoza,

Sure, a real CurrencyField should take locales into account. We haven’t done any research yet, so I cannot say more on this now.

Regarding deprecated methods - don’t pay attention to them, in 6.4 you will not see them at all, they will have default stubs.

Data formats specified in datatypes.xml (and in metadata.xml for 6.4+) affect only system locale-independent mechanisms. In UI, the locale-dependent formats are used, they are specified in main message packs - see the docs and Project properties > Available locales > Data format strings in Studio.