New BPM release status

Hi CUBA team
We know you’re working on a brand-new BPM add-on for platform V7 and the revised target is to release it in Q1 this year. Would you please share where you are today and what’s the plan?


I want to use BPM in my application, would like to use the new one as I have impression that it will have more features and modern. May we hope that it will be released with in the target timeline?

we plan to release the first version of new BPM addon in Q2.


Hi @gorbunkov
What is the target CUBA studio version of this new BPM? Sorry for coming back with a similar question again and again as I want to decide whether I should use current BPM or Flowable for my project.

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we plan to release the first alpha of the new BPM addon in a month, but we don’t have particular plans for the final release date. Probably, it will be not in Q2, but later.

And What is the key feature that will make this new BPM different?

Well, first there will be rather similar to Activiti, but a different framework under the hood.
The main difference will be an absence of own persistent data model. There won’t be entities like ProcActor or ProcRole, that are stored in their own tables in the database and that in some points duplicate classes from Activiti.

Thanks for shedding some lights

Hello @gorbunkov,
Do you have any updates on the release date of the new BPM?


our target date is September.
We’ll share the trial alpha version soon - there will be an announcement on the forum. Stay tuned!

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