New addon for cropping big image released

Hi everyone,

We created an addon for cropping big image,the addon now released.


In modern enterprise applications, uploading image is a popular requirement, for example, upload ID Card images, avatar images or image attachments etc. Almost all applications have restriction on image size, in order to reduce upload time and stored file size.

Generally, the original image does not fit the size requirement, we need to process the raw image to fit the application restriction. This component will be helpful for processing the original image.


  1. Based on the Croppie Project, so investigating that project will be helpful before using this component
  2. Working with FileUploadField from CUBA
  3. Provided a simple API for using the component
  4. Provided some options for customize the component appearance, cropping area, image quality etc
  5. Reviewing the cropping result in real time




Addon page at CUBA Marketplace


After Chrome 93 update, the cropped area does not work anymore. any ideas on hoy to resolve?

Hi @ac.giesbrecht,

Seems it’s a bug of chrome 93.You can upgrade chrome to 94 beta,the issue will be gone. So wait few days. If the issue still appear in Chrome 94,then we will take a look.