Need help for AWS Cloud Deployment

Hi Everyone,

We are currently running our CUBA application in an EC2 but now we are trying to scale our application. Below is the snapshot of the deployment we are planning

we want to ensure the User Session information is consistent across all the instances. we are planning for S3 storage for files.
Could you please help me in understanding the changes we need to make inorder to support this deployment?

Thank you in advance for the support.


  1. To use Amazon S3 for file storage, you need to add the addon to your project:

  2. For User Session synchronization (and other middleware caches synchronization) you need to configure JGroups cluster.
    There is some documentation here:

Note that most likely built-in jgroups.xml (UDP-based config) will not work in AWS network.
Another built-in config - jgroups_tcp.xml - requires to specify static list of IP addresses of App-core nodes.

So recommended configurations are:

Personally I have used JDBC_PING for AWS cluster deployment.

Thanks Alexander.