Navigate between records in a table

I’m trying to create a way to navigate between records in a table to prevent end users from returning to the previous window to select a record. The idea is to have navigation buttons (first record, next and previous) My question is if someone already tried to solve this issue and how did it? Or suggestions I can give to address the issue in such a way that I can implement it in all windows making use of inheritance in the java code and templates in XML views.


Nelson F.

Hi Nelson,

It is quite difficult to implement in the standard browser -> editor screen flow, see for example this project:

I think that such behavior can be implemented on the basis of the combined (“single”) browse/editor screen. So the table will be a navigation component. We are going to experiment with this approach in the near future and in case of success to create an appropriate template in Studio.

Thanks Konstantin, the important thing is to know that there is something planned in the future, this type of functions are very important in management applications.

:ticket: See the following issue in our bug tracker: