MyTasks BPM Spanish Translation

I copied the BPM Translations from the GIT
but this page doesent seem to to translate… how can I manually change these
tried to add

com.haulmont.bpm.gui.mytasks/browseCaption = Mis Tareas

but im just guessing I really dont know how to properly identify the name of these components in these built in screens. Some Help Please. Spasibo !!


Which platform version and which add-on dou you use - BProc or BPM (Business Process Management)? In CUBA it’s not the same.


My tasks from bproc

Translations add-on doesn’t include BProc Spanish translation. You can use as an example German translation to understand how the components are named.


Thank you for your response… is there a way using an inspector to know what is the messages name of each component on any of these given pages?