Multitenancy with access groups questions

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I was reading this topic which is very interesting for me, however I need some upgrade to it (one more level) that I will explain below.

It is an implementation of multi tenancy with multiple stores like the structure Below:

  • Franchisor (Franchisor_Admin - Sees, manages and access all data)
    • Franchisee_01 (Franchisee_01_Admin - Sees, manages and access all Franchisee stores data)
      ** Store_01.01 (Franchisee_01.Store_01.01_Users - only manages Store_01.01 data)
      ** Store_01.n
      ** Franchisee_02
      • Store_02.01
      • Store_02.n
    • Franchisee_n

It is possible to implement it with Multitenancy Add-on there is at

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currently hierarchical tenants are not supported.

Thanks for your reply.

Ok, but there is any workaround that I can implement to have the same user accessing a selected group of tenants info, but excluding others?

For instance, instead of using the tenant principle, it will be possible to accomplish this objective thorough by access groups, views and datasources?

If yes, what will be the way?

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I think you can implement this feature by using Access groups in CUBA. You need to configure hierarchical group structure and for each group add security constraints. For example, for Franchise group you need to add constraints to check the only franchise, for Store groups add a constraint to check the only store.