Multitenancy - extending security Entity

I am trying to extend suggested Entities but couldn’t find the following in to extend in the Studio (6.10):

I found ReportGroupHierarchy [erp$ReportGroupHierarchy] though.

I see I have this com.haulmont.addon.sdbmt code in spring.xml and it is working, do I still need to add the following? What would be the difference in behavior of the application?
<bean id="cuba_UserSessions" class=""/>

Tried to extend the following:

com.haulmont.cuba.core.entity.Category --is it sys$Category? It seems discriminator value is restricted
com.haulmont.cuba.core.entity.CategoryAttribute - didn’t find this Entity to extend in the Studio
com.haulmont.cuba.core.entity.CategoryAttributeValue --didn’t find this Entity to extend in the Studio

Thanks for clarifying.

I have the same doubts, I only managed to reach a certain point in the implementation of the component but the final entities
I can’t make them work with version 7

Hi @mortozakhan @nelsonflorez
These entities are marked with the @SystemLevel (Class Annotations - CUBA Platform. Developer’s Manual) annotation, so they are not registered in the lists.
Tell me, please, why do you inherit from these entities? Entity data refers to dynamic attributes (Dynamic Attributes - CUBA Platform. Developer’s Manual), which are linked to target entity which can have own tenant.

Hi @shchienko, do not have a specific need I was just following the guide for the implementation of the component.

The guide indicates

Dynamic Attributes: an ability for tenant admins to add dynamic attributes to tenant-specific entities
Extend the following CUBA entities and make them implementing HasTenant interface:

Add the following line into web-spring.xml:

<bean id="cuba_DynamicAttributesGuiTools" class="com.haulmont.addon.sdbmt.gui.dynamicattributes.MultiTenancyDynamicAt