Multiple lines on one serialchart


I am using the Reports system and creating a serialchart from the following query:

select mlgcode as mlgcode, days as days, sum(ordercount) as orders
from ResponseCurve
where mlgid in ${mlgid}
group by days, mlgcode
order by 2,1 

If the user selects multiple “mlgcode” values, I would like the SerialChart to display one line per mlgcode on the same chart. Is that possible?

I can’t create them ahead of time as mutiple series or multiple graphs, since I don’t know how many the user will choose to display or which mlgcodes they will be.

Hi Eric,

SerialChart can’t display multiple series by some field. We have created a YouTrack issue and we’ll try to fix it in the feature.

You can try to display a serial chart with multiple lines using Charts add-on (

:ticket: See the following issue in our bug tracker: