Multiple Inherited screen but modify actions behaviour

I have several Entities thath inherits like this.


Now, I’m trying to do the same with screens this way, changing the datasource to the correct entity.
SCreenEntity1.1 extends ScreenEntity1
SCreenEntity1.1.1 extends ScreenEntity1.1

In all my tests seems like worked as expected, and If I add a new field to ScreenEntity1 is inherited in all screens.
But, The problem comes when I started to do it out of tests. I noticed I can’t change buttonPanel actions behaviour of wich screens have to open. Then, because I’m trying to give names to not going crazy, I noticed that actions builds the name of the screen to open, then, If I press create on one of my inherited screens it gives me this error (obviously, because this screen doesn’t exists but…):

My question is if exists some easy way to override table actions and specify the name screen I want to open, Or I should follow the name convention?

Hi Giuseppe,

You can specify your own screen names and open any screen you want, see the methods openWindow(), openLookup(), openEditor().

An example of using multiple browse and edit screens in one app you can find in our cookbook, see the Live Demo and feel free to explore sources on GitHub.