Multiple file upload in a separate overlay frame editor of an entity which is many to one association with contract

Hi Everyone,

I am currently working on screen editor of entity(Submssion) which has attributes that have one to many association with other entities( documents,errors).
In Document Entity i have created two attributes with ManyToOne relationship between filedescriptor and Submission. Document entity contains other attributes which needs to be filled by user.
Error i have created a attribute with ManyToOne relation between submission along with other attributes.
Entity editor screen of submission entity should look as below:
When the user click add an item from the documents section i need to show an overlay dialog to document editor screen with an option to upload file.
Below is the UI screen needs to be shown when the user presses add document link:

Please help me in explaining the GUI components that i can use inorder to show the submission editor and document editor as attached in this post.
Also the errors will be updated asynchronoulsy what components i can use so that GUI gets updated when there are updates in the error entity.

Thanks in advance for your help

So what have you done so far and what doesn’t work for you?

Have you checked out the docs on the UI screens creation and interaction?

Thank you. I checked the docs and able to achieve the required UI screens