Multiple custom bpm forms

How to add multiple custom forms into my BP? I created app-bpm-forms.xml with


structure but it says, that Invalid content was found at second tag.
How could i properly add a second form? By adding more XML bpm form descriptors?

It’s an error in the XSD file. Just ignore the error message an IDE shows you and add the second form element to your forms.xml file. The XSD will be fixed in the next release. The issue:

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Compiled and launched, thank you. Chosen the form in BPM, but as i click the button for this outcome i get an exception "Screen ‘ProcFormSecond’ is not defined"
i got this screen in screens.xml, bpm-forms.xml, right next to ProcFormFirst, which works fine.

Ensure that the screen id in the screens.xml is exactly like you specified in the forms.xml
If you still have the issue, please attach a demo project that demonstrates the problem

Thank you. Could you please help me dealing with a PropertyNotFoundException? Where to look for a bug? I see the line, where it points, but i’m sure to have a properly set outcome and next task there…

I would like to help, but what is the problem? The easiest way to solve the problem is to create a sample project and to describe the steps to reproduce the error.

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my last question is more like a common one… i sometimes get PropertyNotFoundExceptions, and complete rebuilding of my model, and double-checking roles helps to avoid it, but i wanted some kind of a methodology to find the exact place, where and why i get this exception… if it will occur once more, i’ll attach it here of course

Could you, please, help me to find where to override standard BPM outcome buttons? let’s say i did an approval project, where managers should claim task, and i want (for example) add an extra action, as a manager clicks the ‘claim’ button.
Or when i create outcomes, and want to add some extra checks to an approved entity, before manager could actually approve it and write a comment

You have 2 options here:

  1. Specify a process action predicate: In the predicate you can do some check and if you don’t want to complete the action return false.
  2. Do the check in your custom form.
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