Multiple components in one IntelliJ project

I’m looking at the documentation at Example of Application Component - CUBA Platform. Developer’s Manual

It seems to cover the use case that I’m after, namely splitting my code into areas such as catalog, sales, customer etc.

However it looks like it only supports creating an entirely new IntelliJ project for each component. So if I were to work on multiple components, I would have to open up multiple IntelliJ windows.

Is there any way of having each component as a module within a single IntelliJ project. I know IntelliJ usually supports opening different projects as modules in one IntelliJ project, but every time I try to do it with a CUBA project it either doesn’t create the project properly, or it causes errors.

Do people find it works in practice to work across different windows?

It is possible to develop several application components in one project.
However it requires non-standard project structure and changes in build scripts.

The biggest problem is support from CUBA Studio. Studio requires the project to have standard structure: one global module, one core module, one web module etc.
Project with additional modules will not be supported by Studio, and you will have to write all code manually without help of designers.