MSSQL DBMS support for Data Import addon

Hi @mario,

Is there any plan or roadmap available for including MSSQL DBMS for the Data Import Addon?

If this is not included in the short term, do you have any recommendation or advice for us to include it?

Thanks in advance. Regards,


No concrete plans. since studio generates sql scripts also for not out of the box supported dbms of the addon, it should just be fine. You can just use them and go with it.


Thanks @mario

I was worried about using MsSql Servet as if was not listed as a supported DBMS in the release notes.

I Will give It a try!

I tried on SQLServer, it import data correctly, but wrong to last step of wizard, when try to save the configuration an exception is raised


not sure that this is related to MSSQL. Can you provide an example showing the problem?