Moving to GitHub Issues

Hi everyone,

We have just moved all platform’s open tickets from our internal YouTrack to GitHub issues. From now on, please use the following repositories for reporting and tracking issues:

CUBA Platform Framework
CUBA Platform Gradle Plugin
BI Addon
BPM Addon
Charts and Maps Addon
Full-Text Search Addon
Reporting Addon
YARG Reporting Engine
CUBA Platform Sampler

Note that CUBA Studio tickets are left in YouTrack, so if you encounter a bug or want to propose an enhancement in Studio, please use this forum to discuss the issue. We will provide a link to read-only internal ticket for tracking as before.

The goal of moving to GitHub is to allow everyone to create and comment issues, which will make participating and contribution from the community easier. However, as you can see, the number of open issues is already huge, so please search through existing issues before adding a new one. We will also appreciate if you first create a topic here on the forum to discuss the problem.