Moving screens from Web to Gui does not relocate controller

I changed a screen from Web module to GUI one, and was delighted that studio seemed to be happy with it.
However, the controller was not moved from web package to gui package, so I had to refactor manually.
If this use case was intended to be implemented, this refactoring should be done by studio, or if not possible, user should be warned he has to do it from IDE.

The screen controller in Web module might use classes which are unreachable from GUI. By that reason, simple relocation of classes to another package - is not applicable. User should participate in that process.

But, in the other hand, moving the screen from GUI to Web is allowed, and the Studio makes all the changes automatically.

Of course, the user should be notified somehow, if there is a need in manual actions. An appropriate warning will be added in the Studio.


Great, no big deal, but a message would certainly help. Studio had me get used to be cared about.