Moving auto generated components in editor Screen

Good day,

Recently started using cuba 7. I created an entity and generated an editor screen. I am trying to regroup the components inside the editor by putting them in containers like hbox or vbox. I do this successfully but when I run the project and try to create a record, it seems that because of this the editor delinks itself from entity. When I try to commit my changes, nothing happens. When revert back to initial generated screens then it works


For example the components in the above snapshot, if I just try to change the structure (e.g group records into vbox or hbox, then the issue mentioned above hapens).

Please help because I have to restructure the components within the screen.

Sometimes it happens to me too. I change in xml that works.

If you create an intermediate hbox or vbox, the textField isn’t automatically assigned with form’s dataContainer.

Form implicitly assigns its dataContainer to all input fields that are direct descendants of this form or one of its columns.
Otherwise you should assign dataContainer attribute for each field manually, as if it was a standalone input field.


Thank you very much. You guys were helpful.