Move reports menu to administration menu


How can I move reports menu to administration menu as sub menu ?

Hi Andrzej,

First, switch you menu to single mode:

You will loose all items inherited from app component, but you will be able to add them again in any order, just find them when adding a menu item:


Alternatively, you can find *-web-menu.xml files of CUBA and Reports libraries in your IDE and copy-paste items to your project’s web-menu.xml file.



@knstvk are there any updates for this mechanism, corresponding to 7.1.0 version? i’m trying to move the entire menu “bpm” to “administration”, and everything i get - administration and help menus disappear… if in single mode it says that there’s no item administration, and in composite mode it says that reports already exist

If you want to customize main menu, there are two possibilities for you:

  1. Switch menu mode to SINGLE and arrange menu items exactly as you like. You will need to add all menu items from add-ons to your menu configuration file.
    Upcoming Studio 14 will help more with this task:

  2. Use AppMenu API to modify menu items from the main screen:
    AppMenu - CUBA Platform. Developer’s Manual

There is no “administration” because in the SINGLE mode you have to add all menus to your menu.xml by yourself.

This error means - you have one “reports” inherited from the add-on, and trying to add another one item with the same ID in your project’s menu.xml. This is prohibited.

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