Move item Diagnose Wizard

I’m using the component, but since the last Cuba update, the Diagose Wizard menu option is out. The idea is to return to its place in the Administration menu.
Can you quickly move without touching the component? I’m trying to accommodate it but it does not allow me to move it.



Nelson F.

This looks like a bug in the add-on. I’ve created an issue: "Diagnose Wizard" is added as a top-level menu item · Issue #26 · cuba-platform/admin-tools-addon · GitHub

You have the following choices how to move menu item to another place:

  1. Use AppMenu API:
    AppMenu - CUBA Platform. Developer’s Manual
    Remove the item and them add it to another sub-menu.

  2. Switch main menu type with Studio to Composite mode and arrange all menu items freely as you like.